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Mike Hinchey - Stylist/Colourist


(902) 293-5923


Fredericton, New Brunswick


Scientific Marvel School of Hairstyling and Esthetics

Guilty pleasure:

Barbeque steak accompanied by a glass of red wine

What makes a perfect Sunday morning?

Surfing property listings on the internet and slowly sipping a hot cup of coffee, all while contemplating where to go for brunch

Looking back, what was your worst hairstyle.....even if you loved it at the time?

I coloured my hair blonde when I was in hair school. That was when I realized that not everyone looks good as a blonde

Dream vacation:

Sitting on a lounge chair at 7 Mile Beach , Cayman Islands would be at the top of the list,but pick any beach and I am pretty happy

3 words that describe your signature style:

Timeless, relaxed, collaborative