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Ashlee Jamieson - Hair




Hair Design Centre circa 2002

Guilty pleasure:

Anything sweet. I unfortunately have been passed down an insatiable sweet tooth. Oh, and red wine of course.

What makes a perfect Sunday morning?

Coffee but that's any day of the week really. I guess I'd have to say relaxing with my son and two kitties and then heading to the park/beach on a nice sunny day.

Looking back, what was your worst hairstyle.....even if you loved it at the time?

My dear mother took me to the Hair Design Centre when I was about 12 years old and let me get a spiral perm! (which took about 6 hours with 2 girls working simultaneously) I opted to leave my bangs out and straight. Then I would curl the bangs with a curling iron and spray the living day lights out of them into the infamous 'mall bang'. I thought I was fabulous! When in reality, looking back, it was quite poodle-esque.

Dream vacation:

Scotland or Greece are at the top of my list.

3 words that describe your signature style:

Beautiful, natural and easy breezy.