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Alicia Melanson - Hair


Fall River, NS


2005 Hair Design Centre - Hair Styling
2008 HDC - Makeup Artistry
Continuing Edu classes every year.

Guilty pleasure:

Coffee & Cake (Gluten free, unfortunately).

What makes a perfect Sunday morning?

Staying home with my young family, pancakes & coffee (sounding like a glutton now). Maybe a trip to the farmer's market.

Looking back, what was your worst hairstyle.....even if you loved it at the time?

Gr: Primary, bowl cut (done with a bowl.... thanks mom), with a space cut out around the ears to house the legs of my coke bottle glasses. I guess this would also be called a mullet.

Dream vacation:

Spending a couple of months traveling Thailand/Southeast Asia. Returning to the Seychelles!

3 words that describe your signature style:

Soft, Blended, Classic